Droperidol Shortage to Leave Thousands Without Life Saving Medical Care

The absence of Droperidol in our emergency rooms is become a major problem for the inner city Emergency Departments. People are suffering. People are demanding answers, and the rumor is that the shortage may last until the end of 2013.  The morbidity and mortality in a select population that is 100% dependent on this drug will likely be very impressive.
 “Just look at those poor bastards work,” one absolutely out of control patient said.  “How are all the doctors and nurses supposed to deal with my bull shit if they can’t at least chill me out a bit? That's gotta suck! But stop judging me and get away you jerk!”  Thousands of doctors and nurses are popping up with all sorts of new medical problems due to mounting stress.   Hypertension, weight gain, insomnia, alcoholism, acne.  Rates are rising alarmingly amongst the ED health care providers.  Calm EDs have erupted into goat rodeos, and the ED staff are bearing staying afloat.  “I hate to see them suffer like that.  But without my Vitamin D, I just can’t help myself,” cackled a toothless, 35-year-old lady going on 70, “I just hope they get it back in production before it is too late and there is nobody left for me to scream for hours on end for no reason at all.”