Intern Struggles Mightily with Her First Life Altering Medical Decision

In what could have been the most important decision of her life,  new ED resident, Katrina Burns, struggled mightily at the order screen.  Beads of sweat dripping down her neck.  A tiny vein pounding like a hammer at an anvil on her forehead.  Katrina, her friends call her Katie, wanted nothing but the best for her patient.  She debated, agitated, deliberated, and debated some more for almost a full 2 minutes, but her mental toil came to an end when she finally decided on 650.  Risks-benefit ratio baby.  Six hundred and fifty milligrams of tylenol. Acetaminophen. IV or PO? PO! Done!  Yes, she could have just as easily selected 500 mg, but she wanted to achieve the absolute maximum pain control without getting into any of the widely prevalent risks of acetaminophen.  Several minutes later a nurse probed her, “We only have 500 in the Pyxis.  Is that ok?”  “Sure,” Katie said and put her nose back to the grindstone.