New Study Elucidates that Sildenafil (Viagra) Significantly Improves Finger Dexterity

This off label use has quickly develop widespread popularity amongst surgeons. “I feel more confident in the my abilities than ever before!” exclaimed a young, budding surgeon while fiddling with, presumably, his phone in his pocket.  According to, this wonder drug, originally developed for treatment of hypertension and angina pectoris, was the #45 prescribed medicine in the country in 2012.  We might anticipate a sharp rise in that number as this new off label use sweeps like wildfire among varying professions.
There does seem be a small downside in select medical and non-medical professions.  One electrician was quoted complaining, “I sure get to work faster, but I’ve been blowing fuses like crazy.”  An elderly neurosurgeon mentioned that he has been popping aneurysms with a much higher rate since starting the drug.  But for each negative point, there seems to be a positive counterpoint.  Farmers happily brag about sewing more seed than ever.  Even the pathologists love it.  Apparently, there are H&E stains all over their call room.  On an unrelated note, researchers are baffled as lead apron use in the OR has tripled recently among male surgeons.