One Unfortunate Intern Constantly Mistaken for Environmental Services

As of June 17, 2013, EM programs all over the country took on a crop of new residents.  June is an exciting time of year for the entire department, as all the interns step into their new roles and step up to the challenges of everyday life in the emergency department.  For one intern, however, this transition has been particularly difficult.  From day 1, he has been mistake by just about everyone for a new Environmental Services employee.  “Oh that’s weird,” said one R3, “I thought we just took on 13 new interns...but there is a new Environmental Services guy that looks pretty with it!”  For young Dr. Shacklerod, this has been the story of the past month.  From day 1 when he received the wrong colored polos, he suspected there may have been an issue.

His badge reads Stan Shacklerod, House Staff.  “Hey. Nobody knows what House Staff means, ok?”  “And just because it doesn’t say MD on my badge doesn’t mean I’m not a doctor!”  He initially thought it was pretty rad that he was the only intern with a walkie talkie, but that gadget quickly turned into the bane of his existence.  In between delivering superb care to complicated patients, the good natured Dr. Shacklerod frequently gets paged to mop up bloody vomit or change urine soaked bed sheets.  “Sooner or later, everyone is going to figure it out,” he stated with conviction, “...Right guys?”