Wildly Successful Day of Diuresis on Medical Floor

It was all high fives, smiles, and virgin strawberry daiquiris today for medical residents and students alike on the 7th floor of a teaching hospital in Chicago, Illinois.  Between 5 patients, Team 3 was able to make 5 patients pee off over 5 liters of nitrogen laden effluent each in a single shift.  A perfect 5 for 5.  A masterful work of diuresing art.  

At 4pm, as the afternoon renal profiles were populating, tension was high.  Sweaty, physically exhausted medicine residents had been either rounding or pushing IV Lasix the entire day.  A throng of people had convened around the computer screen to witness what was by far and away the most exciting event that had happened on that floor in months.  The first 4 creatinine levels had held steady, could these residents go a perfect 5 for 5?  Young Dr. Bahldeep Pablo had been agitating over a particularly tricky patient, and in the last minute, his team elected po Bumex instead of Lasix because of theoretical bowel edema absorption properties!  My. God. 

 The lab status switched from pending to completed… And the answer was yes! Cries of elation and ecstasy erupted from the little group.  They had done it!  The day’s line score had been a perfect 5 for 5.  5 liters from 5 patients with 0 creatinine bumps and over 150 milliequivalents of K repleted. What an incredible success story.