Intern has Zero Problem Calling his Attendings by First Name

Perhaps newly dubbed MD, Nathaniel Fishmen, just doesn’t get it.  He is an intern after all.  It is not his fault.  Fishmen is completely oblivious to the general distress he is causing amongst his superiors for the next 4 years.  He is the first intern there and the last to leave.  He’s a snappy dresser with an immaculate comb over, and he even drives a bright blue Toyota Forerunner. But he is rocking the boat.  Strolling through the pods on his way to drop off his cucumber and mayo sandy, Fishmen enthusiastically crosses paths with what a spectator would think was his old friend, and with a quick hand pump, “Howdy Bill!”  Sir William Osler, the Father of Modern Medicine, proceeds to stroll past.  ***Slaps a high five*** “Whats up Rudy!” as Dr. Rudolph Virchow, the legendary pathologist turns his head, dusting off his first name after years of disuse.  Fishmen shouts a quick, “BIYAAA Howard!!” at former practicing physician, Dr. Howard Dean, and plants himself at his workstation. “What great people I work with!” thinks Fishmen respectfully.