Neurology Resident Stymied by Patient's Mini Mental Status Exam Answer; Quits Residency, Becomes Monk

         It was just an ordinary day at work for Karl Karlson, neurology resident at the Pannus Clinic. When a patient presenting with altered mental status would change his life. When going through the standard mental status exam questions, Karl landed on "Do you know where you are, sir?" asking patient Michael Duplass, and his life would soon change forever.

        "We are on an insignificant speck of dust in a hurtling land mass rotating around a meaningless star as we all separate from the cosmic gathering and plummet into our eventual lonely and cold demise," answer the 32 year-old Duplass.

Karlson tried to process the answer, but realized he couldn't understand his place in the universe, and immediately walked out of the hospital and shed his clothes.

"I just couldn't handle it anymore, man. I mean, what are we, really?" chimed Karlson, found praying with Buddhists in the snowy Himalayas.

When interviewing Michael Duplass on how much of an impact he had on a doctor, his replies were simple.

"To be honest, I was drunk as a skunk. I mean, people compare me to Carl Sagan, but I don't even know who that is! Is that Bob Saget? Bob Saget is hilarious!"