Witch Doctor Wins Suit Against Traditional Medicine for Practicing Voodoo

Uglyk Charkyptrk WD, a traditionally trained and board certified Witch Doctor from the swamp village YukMowth, has filed and won a lawsuit against the traditional medicine enterprise for practicing Voodoo.  The claim was, naturally, that Voodoo and witch craft are the intellectual property of his trade, and therefore, he merits financial compensation for all the Medical Doctors masquerading as witch doctors and practicing Voodoo.  He then added with disdain that the vast majority of Medical Doctors practice more non-evidenced based practice, aka voodoo, than even a traditional shawman or a classically trained wizard.  
His lawsuit was upheld, and Charkyptrk was awarded one million dollars (converted to his local currency: bovine molars) and 50 shipping containers of preserved chicken heads and salamander tongues for his apothecary business.  The case is expected be headed for the appellate courts - not because the medical enterprise would bat an eye at a million or two dollars left by the roadside here or there but because it is exceedingly difficult to obtain that quantity of salamander tongues.