NPO Patient Receiving Red Blood Cell Transfusion Praying to God for TACO

Natalia Nesbit.  79.  Self employed.  Hospitalized and NPO for 3 days with gastrointestinal bleeding.  Ravenously hungry.
This morning after rounds and after another day of the food cart passing by her room and wafting odors of soggy white toast and Rice Krispies in her door, Nesbit was being consented to receive blood products.  Her ears perked up significantly during the “possible adverse reactions that are uncommon and probably won’t happen to you” section.  She was, as most people starved to the point of deliriousness do, completely ignoring the risks and benefits of the task at hand until her resident physician came to the part about TACO.  “I have no idea why a taco would kill me but I want it!” exclaimed Nesbit.  “Why does the taco meat have to be bloody?  I’d prefer well done.  With sauteed onions and peppers.”
Her young doctor proceeded to explain all about Transfusion Associated Circulatory Overload, and perhaps both parties left the conversation unsatisfied.  Nesbit was extremely frustrated to learn her odds of getting TACO were only 1 in 700 units of blood received, and her level of agitation rose even further when her doctor informed her that she wasn’t allow to order extra blood to attempt to obtain extra TACOs.  The resident, on the other hand, did her best and failed to explain that TACO wasn’t a food at all but a deadly medical condition.  She was forced to cling to small victories as she was able to successfully convince Nesbit that she didn’t want TRALI gummies along with her TACO.  “I’ve never been much into sweets,” concluded Nesbit.