Intern Breathes Sigh of Relief when Mr. ShortFatNeck McGiantBeardyFace Signs DNI Order

3AM in the Medical ICU.  Mr. ShortFatNeck McGiantBeardyFace presented to the ICU on BiPAP, burning up his accessory muscles like rocket fuel.  This gentleman had purchased his tube several hours earlier, and the sole intern on call, Shelly Thompson, has been on Defcon 11 since McGiantBeardyFace's arrival - her first solo intubation... well first intubation ever.  Young Dr. Thompson has been on the phone with the fellow, who is otherwise occupied rearranging his sock drawer, and the anesthesiologist on call, who is otherwise occupied rearranging her respective sock drawers.  As the SpO2 was beginning to plummet, she remembered another resource available to her - the Telemedicine ICU doc.  With a dramatic punch of an oversized large red button, a camera bleeps on and a face she doesn't recognize comes into view.  His advice was... well no true advice was offered. Rather, he began to lecture the pathophysiology of CHF and reflect on times when he used to deliver care at the bedside.  Shelly was approaching Defcon 14 when Mr. ShortFatNeck McGiantBeardyFace's wife and POA, Mrs. ShortFatPreviouslyTrachedNeck McGiantBeardyFace offered Shelly the DNR/DNI form.  They shared a teary eyed moment - each for their respective reasons.