ED Frequent Flier Unfamiliar with the Classic Children's Story, The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Mathias McDonald, long time resident of the streets of Nashville, TN, connoisseur of fine cheeses, crack cocaine freebasing extraordinaire, and long time frequent flier to all four local Emergency Departments, recently became acquainted with the classic children’s story, The Boy Who Cried Wolf after visiting one particularly caring ER doc.  Dr. Zeltz managed to spend 4 of the 5 minutes of their patient encounter discussing Aesop's Fables.

“My parents really dropped the ball on that one!” exclaimed McDonald at the conclusion of his ED visit. “...well they really dropped the ball on a lot of things,” McDonald chuckled, “I had no idea that boys used to watch sheep!  Or that wolves impacted the European sheep economy!”

After Dr. Zeltz finished with the allegorical prose brimming with moral implications and life lessons, McDonald divulged that was never actually having chest pain but was just actually was madly in love with a nurse by the name of Patricia.  He then asked for a sandwich, a hot blanket, and an hour to take a nap in hopes of catching a glimpse of the love of his life before discharge.  Chest pain resolved, Zeltz discharged him immediately, but courteously provided him Patricia’s work schedule for the next 3 weeks.