Patient Purchasing Animal-Testing-Free Shampoo Blissfully Unaware Of The World Of Medical Research

Brooklyn Bakersport is a resident of Portland, Oregon who recently expressed downright outrage and a desire to involve PETA when he discovered the the shampoo stocked in his bathroom was originally tested on rabbits to ensure safety in humans.  Fortunately, Brooklyn has little interest in researching the origin of the handful of multi-colored capsules he chomps down with breakfast every morning.

“You mean to tell me they use eye-droppers to put the shampoo in those poor rabbits eyes for MY safety!?  Well I’LL take the risk!” fumed Cuttlefield at open mic night at his local coffee shop to an unsuspecting group of poetry slammers.  

In addition to his general ignorance in the realm of solvents and their risk to corneal epithelium, it is also safe to say that this individual is also blissfully unaware of the number of mice brutally murdered for him to reap the benefits of a safe dose of Lisinopril.  Sociology professor, Dr. Windstream proposed that, for educational purposes, a useful teaching strategy might be to ask him to imagine that each pill were a mouse that he is ingesting.  
“It is probably a sure bet that Mr. Bakersport has no idea what an intraperitoneal injection entails, what a Phase I clinical trial is, or just how many monkeys have died hemorrhaging from their eyes, ears, mouth, and nose in the name of an Ebola vaccine.  If he did, millions would be out of jobs, and the wild mouse population would be much, much whiter,” admitted Windstream.