7 year old sweets addict likely provided first dose by parents

7 year old cookie addict likely provided first dose by parents

Sam Sanderson, like many other young Americans, is an addict, and his parents offered him the gateway drug.  This Sunday at a Sweets Anonymous meeting, Sam took his first big step and stood in front of the room.  In the dimly lit basement of his best friend’s mom’s house, as many as a dozen children witnessed Sam receiving his 1 day chip.  His story is not unlike many others.  He was hooked from a young age when his parents offered him a cookie at a party.  From there it was reckless euphoria on a downhill road littered by Milky Way wrappers. Innumerable sugar highs later, Sam is looking to get sober.  Although he is often judged by his many temporary tattoos, Sam is on the road to once again being a productive member of the first grade class.  
“My name is Sam, and I am a chocoholic.”