Non-confrontational physician reassures that the trichomonas was probably just from a toilet seat

Not all physicians are great at breaking bad news.  One perpetual waffler, Dr. Drew Stapleman, recently reassured his patient that the trichomonads infesting her genitals were “probably just from a toilet seat.”  Nonplussed, his patient pushed him for other possibilities as to the origin of the pesky protozoan, but Stapleman persisted that Yahoo Answers and Ask Jeeves both have loads of testimonials that it is certainly one plausible explanation.  Known for his ability to dodge difficult questions, he even once told a woman that her husband was probably blind, depending on your cultural definition of vision.  
“Technically, he isn’t blind if he can ‘see’ the world with his ears and hands, right?  Haven’t you seen the Matrix?  Neo wasn’t blind.  Neo saved the world.”  

With respect to Dr. Stapleman’s trichy situation, after being boxed into a corner about where else trichomonas can come from.  He finally admitted, that it often can be found down at the bar with its pals Clap and Drip.