Blind dermatologist does entire exam on touch alone

Howard P. Fennewald, MD, underwent bilateral enucleation surgery at the age of 35 after an auto accident.  He is now nationally renowned for the fact that he continued his dermatology practice, in spite of being completely blind.  Fennewald wishes that he had the foresight to consider entirely touch based dermatology but states he previously couldn’t see past the cultural norms.  Not surprisingly, business is booming, and skin loving medical students from all over the country are submitting applications to be his next set of pupils. The man has become somewhat of a dermatologic visionary.

Dr. Fennewald reports that touch has worked so well that he is considering adding other senses to the mix. He has already entered trial phases with both taste and smell, claiming to be able to distinguish fungal from bacterial infections from a single whiff.  

“This is really great news for the rest of us,” stated blind radiologist Jaymir Marquez.  “He is truly a beacon of hope in a dark world.”